Next Generation Digital campus solution, for connected,
automated and intelligent institution.

Zyime™ unified solution powers the future ready digital education ecosystem. This cloud-ready platform streamlines the management of essential educational system processes and offers educators insights to drive student growth. It also provides centralized management of academic data and real-time communication between institution management, faculty, parents and students for experiential and interactive learning.

How Zyime Helps

Enhance productivity through automation

Say goodbye to the headaches of complex paperwork & forms, repetitive data entry, emails, letters and reconciling information across the fragmented or distributed systems. From daily schedules, attendance, progress reports, gradebooks, etc. - ZYIME™ makes capturing and sharing data easy, saving time and frustration for institution management and staff.

Increasing insight for better decision making

Sometimes you need to see the big picture of what’s going on at your institution. ZYIME™ provides powerful administrator console and dashboards lets you aggregate and analyze the data needed to gain deeper insight into potential and current students, the quality of student experiences and external impacts. These insights enable institutions to optimize strategies, plans and outcomes in recruitment, retention and graduation.

Building an institution culture

With teachers and staff spending most of their time in the classrooms or their offices, at times it’s difficult to bring everyone together, which pose a challenge for institutional leadership who is looking into building a cohesive culture, but teachers and staff can feel isolated or have a hard time connecting with their peers. By use of ZYIME™ groups for discussion and sharing of institution-wide information provides a way for teachers to connect, and to feel they are part of a team.

Measuring student performance

Help your teachers to measure student learning in ways that matter, when you’re working with a system like ZYIME™ that can adapt to the grade schemas and weighting you and your staff expect. Tools like online testing are great for both formative and summative assessments. To get the complete 360 Degree views, ZYIME™ lets your staff also capture ad-hoc evidence of learning, which may be tagged to specific learning outcomes and objectives, through regular assessments, assignment and project work.

Driving parent participation and engagement

If you like parents to know what is happening in the Institution, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get connected to have 360 Degree views of their children’s progress and see the whole picture. With a single account, parents can connect from any computer, or with the ZYIME™ app from their mobile phone or tablet. Once engaged, parents are far more likely to contribute positively for child and institution progress and less likely to feel disconnected from the institute.

No more surprises

You don’t want parents to ever have surprises by what shows up in their children’s report cards. Therefore, Zyime gives parents access to student performance and activities, with a quick view of their performance in each class, and notifications for each new graded homework, assignments, projects and exam.

Helping parents to support their children’s

Sharing access to teacher notes, handouts, lessons, and classroom materials mean parents know exactly how to help when children have questions at home or are struggling with an assignment. When parents have easy access to their child’s schedules they can better support teachers, ensure students are prepared for exams and not missing homework, assignments or projects. That’s why ZYIME™ presents a personalized calendar for each student, with upcoming schedules and all the events, homework, assignment, projects and exams in one place.

Improving parent-teacher relationships & communication

Giving parents an easy way to communicate with teachers and staff means they’re more likely to reach out as and when there are questions, helping to clear up concerns or issues before they turn into major problems. ZYIME™ provides simple and effective communication platform that allows parents or teachers to easily send a quick message, whenever something comes up.

Simplifying scheduling & approval processes

Eliminate paperwork with ZYIME™ simple online workflows and forms, which are great for events information and schedules, permission slips, policies and procedures, acknowledgements, consents and approvals etc.

Building accountability

Consolidated schedules and timetables - bringing together class schedules, homework, assignments, projects, exam dates, institution events, and extracurricular activities helps students to learn about planning and time management. Providing students with a simple view of what’s coming up today, tomorrow, this week, or next month means they and their parents always know what is coming up and stay always updated.

Driving excellence with continuous feedback

Student performance improves when they get timely, detailed feedback on their work and assignments. With ZYIME™ you’re giving students immediate access to their grades, suggestions, comments and feedback from their teachers, so they know where exactly they’re doing well and where they need improvements.

Making students comfortable in an institution

Having questions or not understanding the concepts or topics in class can be stressful for students. Providing ZYIME™ to students lets them know it is easy to connect with teachers and ask questions. With a combination of class discussion boards and individual messaging with teachers, students will find it easy to reach out for help as and when they need it.

Institution Management

  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Access to real time information along with software intelligence results in creating culture of innovation and enhance institutional productivity
  • The Institution brand is used effectively in digital channels to give the institution a ‘personality’.
  • Operating professionally and efficiently

Adademic Staff

  • Monitoring and analyzing complete academic performance of the students with proper analysis
  • Providing the tools needed for allowing teachers to do what they are most passionate about – teaching and connecting with students.
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents


  • Students can easily see necessary details, library catalogs, class schedules, projects, assignments, etc. This way they don't lose track of their studies.
  • Students can view exam schedule and can also get access to results.
  • Connectivity with teachers and fellow classmates

Parents / Guardians

  • Access to 360-degree views of their child’s performance
  • Easy way to pay fee anywhere anytime
  • Better interaction with teachers & faculties
  • Real-time notifications alert parents to grades and attendance as well as important announcements and reminders.

Vendors & Service Providers

  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Single point management of cash flow, budgets, orders, etc.
  • Zero redundancy in managing the transaction records
  • Automated and quick report generation
  • Providing easy communication with staff and parents
  • Saving data in a more secure way


Collaborative and scalable digital campus

Cloud Powered

Cloud hosting services are backed by leading Public cloud service providers for best-in-class infrastructure assuring security, scalability, and reliability.

Adaptable & Intuitive

Easy to use application interface for administrators, teachers, students, parents and vendors with a seamless user experience.

Actionable Insights

built in software intelligence gives users real-time access to the most pertinent information, including demographics, attendance, enrolment & admissions, fees, scheduling, assignments and more with real-time alert notifications.

Dynamic Reporting

Offers complete stack of pre-built and customizable reports used across educational ecosystem. Active Dashboard design provides quick summary of key performance indicators.

Data Privacy & Security

Taking all reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability with best industry standard encryption for Data at rest, data in transit, or data in motion.

Comprehensive Support

Gives customers aggregated support via an online portal with knowledgebase articles. Offers phone, email, and web-based support, including live chat. Provides in-depth, in-person product training though online training portal or partners.


Student Information System

Zyime’s SIS store and track all student information, including demographic, grades, attendance records, and more. It’s a vital tool for both educational institutions as well as More... parents to access student information, make payments, and communicate with the institution functionaries.

Employee Information System

It helps to manage all information about academic or non-academic staff like identification, qualification, experience, references, address, contact information, marital status, attendance, More... etc. It also helps track and analyse the performance of the staff members.


It supports all variations of programs, courses, batches and subjects in educational institution whether its school, college/university or any professional institute.

Finance & Fee

It brings fee dashboard for the institution with the information like day’s collection, dues-receipts, and others. It has an integrated online fee payment gateway that is highly beneficial for the More... institution, students and the parents to track and do transactions of fee related activities.

Timetable & Scheduling

This module enables educational institutions to efficiently manage the academic year via streamlining the timetable and keeping the focus on all subjects and all More... delivery resources. It also helps in aligning the proper schedule and thereby allow faculties as per their availability.


It’s a next generation comprehensive integrated tool that efficiently manages attendance system for an educational institute. Built in intelligence provide active alerting and tracking for students.

Assignments & Projects

It allows faculty to post assignments or projects online to student along with instructions, clarification, and details, for real time pedagogy.

Discussion Boards

Online discussion forums continue to provide an ideal place for expressing ideas and understanding problems. A controlled discussion forum in an institution helps them in opening new More... spaces for students and teachers to share their suggestions, knowledge, exchange ideas, discuss grievances and build a thriving community.

Assessments & Exams

It’s an important task for the evaluation of student abilities and performance. Institution can maintain all the details of internal or external exams, subject wise assessment, automatic result preparation and print marks sheets.


It maintains complete online data for books, magazines, newspaper. It tracks issue and return of books, fine management and generation of no dues certificates & reports, etc. Traditional library processes are transformed with many innovative automated workflows.


All the tasks like student safety, bus routing & monitoring, resources allocation and optimization, addressing parent concerns are made easier with intelligent management & communication tools and reporting module. More... It has inbuilt features to capture all the information related to the vehicles and keeps a check of various operational parameters like routing distance, fuel expense, service records etc. It also empowers parents and commuters to track and monitor the whereabouts of the institutional transport using the bus tracking feature.


This module keeps updated records of student's allocated room, meal services, staff availability, inventory management, and other facilities. It helps to related back to core student records for end to end management and reporting.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration among application users are improved. The increased communication helps the institutions to get feedback and communicate critical More... information without any delay. The information is streamlined and improved on the idea of sharing valuable data.

Alerts & Notifications

It adds tremendous value for educational ecosystem by enabling better communication among institution, teachers, students and parents by sending circulars, More... fees reminder and other alerts and notifications. The goal is to make the users worry free by providing them all the content on their mobile devices

Events & Activities

Upcoming events in the campus would be published, listed and viewed here. The events related to extracurricular activities like competitions, sports, debates, functions, it could be described here with text, photos, links etc.


The collaborative e-learning solution will give students and faculty members access to advanced learning management system to keep up with numerous classroom exercises, assignments, organize syllabus and communicate with students directly or in a group.

Digital Documents Library

It provide the efficient and effective control, management and storage of large volumes of information/document, and ensures that users can quickly and easily access up-to-date information electronically.


Alumni are the good will for any organization, strong relationships with Alumni result in more referrals to institution’s program whether it is a matter of placement, admission, sponsorship or any other requirements. Zyime provides platform More... for long term active interaction with alumni and their connection to Alma Mata.

Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards and reports each bring their own unique benefits to uncovering insights. It include number of data points and sets, and focus on specific aspects of an Institution.


A cloud-based institution management system offering selective modules specifically tailored for the education industry. It is high flexibility and designed considering wide range of management functions within the institution. It helps to reduce time wastage and can speed up the administrative functions to provide seamless networked campus and a paperless administration of the Institution.

Our Values

Drive educational excellence through digitally empowered institutions
  • Delivering with Precision
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Committed for Innovation
  • Integrity & Responsibility